Marfesa and the “Proud Bull”.

The use of natural stone dates back to prehistoric times, a period in which human being began to develop bracelets or everyday utensils as well as more complex constructions such as mausoleums.

But a lot has happened since then and new technologies have completely revamped the sector, allowing the incorporation of new without losing the charm of the past. What once was done directly can be done with the help of the latest technology. Combining the creativity of the artist with more accurate computers to reproduce works of high artistic value. The design of the sculptor, the breath that you can equip the natural stone, a material as inert and immobile, life, soul, is transformed.

From its origins, back in the second half of the XIX century, Mármoles Fernández always collaborated with artists and translated their know-how to produce more colorful creations in natural stone. Their latest work has been the production of a series of bulls from the sculptor and friend, Pedro Rodriguez, Pedrin. This work, the “Proud Bull” was made 20 years ago for an exhibition in Ronda has been admired by half the world, it was even featured in the film “Night at the Museum II” and shared space with works of incalculable artistic value like “The thinker of Robin”.

Pedrín´s Bull


Toro Pedrín

The new reproductions have been developed in Calatorao, Rojo Alicante and Daino Reale marble. Without doubt an exciting project whose final result you can judge for yourself.

toros de Pedrín